We work in a business environment where our ability to compete will depend on our ability to innovate; thus Zahid inc is providing 360 brand activation services

360 Creative Solutions For Everyone

Sales Promotion

Indoor Brand Activations

Point-of-purchase displays,Glorifier,Aisle interrupter,Electroluminescent,Point of Sale Material

Outdoor Brand Activations

Integrated Vehicles (Floats), Mobile Units, Retail Points, Roundabouts, Hoardings, Blimps, Kiosks/Carts


Social Meida Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing,Digital Media Placements

Digital Media

Online Media

E-commerce, Web Development, Rich Internet application, Search Engine Optimization, Online Advertising, Social Media Management

Electronic Media

Television Commercials, Motion Graphics, Composting, Product Intros

Offline Media

Interactive Multimedia applications, Data Visualization, Presentations, 3D Visualizations

Print Media


Rebranding,Corporate brand identity,plan and manage branding strategies, Brand communication


Packings,Dangler,Dump bin,Wobbler,Necker

Publishing Design

Magazine,Books,Business Reports,Newspapers

Realtime Graphics

Virtualsets (VR), Augmented Reality (AR)

Real Time Track able Virtualsets and Augmented Reality Sets and Implementations. Especially VizRT Technologies

Broadcast Live Graphics

Real time on Screen Graphics for Television Industry,Real time on Screen Graphics for Television Industry Especially VizRT Technologies

Creative Consultancy

CG System in Control Room, News Room Implementations and Integrations Especially VizRT Technologies